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Water Softeners For Essex Homes

Discover the joys of our water softener systems and ensure your Essex home is limescale free.

10 Year Guarantee All of our water softener systems come with a 10-year guarantee as standard. We are so confident you will not experience any problems and will enjoy the soft water that our water softener supplies. We're very proud of the quality of the products we use. Many of the water softeners we installed 10-20 years ago are still in their home and working well.

Engineered in the UK The Bullseye Services Water Softener system is the latest generation softener from a leading manufacturer of water softeners. It's been designed and engineered in the UK and works with all types of British plumbing systems and all size families, to make life simple. Conforms to British Standard BS14743.

Softened water 24/7 Our water softeners pack a little more punch than all the rest as they have two cylinders, unlike the industry standard of just one. So whilst one is regenerating the other is still working to soften your water. This means our Water Softener provides you with an uninterrupted supply of soft water, no matter how much your family uses.

Eco-friendly water softener Our water softening unit is the first water softener that has a cabinet made of 62% recycled plastic. We all know what is happening in the world with plastics and we all need to recycle more. The manufacturers of the softener saw that they needed to make an effort to control how much plastic was going to be used in the manufacturing, which they have now done, and they are also looking to go further in the future. There is also another advantage of using recycled plastic, because of the way the new cabinet is designed, they have made it 38% thinner. Using recycled plastic stops up to 84 tonnes of plastic from going into landfills every year. So together with the cabinet and the unique twin cylinder design, our water softener is the most efficient and eco-friendly water softener in the UK marketplace today.

Fits under your kitchen sink Our water softener installers fit the softener in a huge variety of homes across Essex. At just 48.7cm high, the water softener will easily fit under the kitchen sink - in fact, it was specifically designed with this in mind. The water softening tanks have been designed to maximise the available space, whilst being small enough to fit into tight spaces. Height: 487mm Width: 202mm Depth: 438mm

Easy to load block salt Our block salt was created for easy loading so that you don't find yourself handling unnecessarily heavy bags of salt. The specially manufactured salt was created to work with the water softener and make it as efficient as possible. By ensuring that the salt lasts longer, the softener only regenerates when it needs to, rather than on a daily timer like other systems. Simply place 2 curve blocks in the water softener when the existing salt is below the logo.

Non-electric How does our water softener work without electricity? It is so efficient it has been designed to work solely off the power of your water supply. There are no timers, computers or manual adjustments to be concerned with. What's more, there is no electrical feed so power cuts are of no concern. Sustainable energy, without the need for a power outlet. Genius!

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Our website and brochure combined should provide you with all the information you need however if you do require further information, there's a quick and easy contact form on our website and, of course, you are more than welcome to use the more traditional ways to contact us.

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