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  • Neil Mann

The Key Benefits of Softened Water

Why Install a Water Softener?

A limescale free home

If you live in a hard water area, you may have noticed a white residue around your taps and showerheads that is extremely hard to get rid of. This is limescale. With continued limescale build up around these areas, the efficiency of your appliances depreciates over time. There are products on the market specifically for the reduction of limescale but these include harsh cleaning chemicals.

With softened water, the problem of limescale is alleviated. The TwinTec Cobalt gets to work dissolving limescale build up as soon as it is installed. No more clogged up shower heads, limescale around the sink or scum in the bath. No more watermarks on worktops and other surfaces including shower screens. Dishes and glasses will rinse clean and sparkle more than before. Using softened water makes the perfect cup of tea, no need to fish the scum floating around the top out.

Benefits of soft water on skin

Soft water is much kinder to your skin compared to hard water. With hard water you have to use more soap product to get a good lather, which can aggravate and irritate the skin. As well as being abrasive, hard water doesn’t necessarily wash all the soap residue off. This leftover residue can worsen dry skin conditions. By removing the minerals found in hard water, you and your family can benefit from pure softened water. Soap products lather better and rinse off easier in soft water. Our customers have told us that their skin moisture levels have benefited from soft water, and in cases of eczema and psoriasis their condition has greatly improved.

After a two year study, Scientists at the University of Sheffield and King’s College London have found that hard water damages the skin, raising the risk of infection and potentially contributing to the development of eczema. Minerals in hard water were shown to make skin more sensitive to irritation, but when researchers used a twin-tank water softener in their study they found that softened water could reduce these negative effects. It could even lower the risk of eczema developing in the first place. Eczema is a complicated condition with signs and symptoms that are different for everyone. A water softener may unfortunately not be the answer in some cases.

Soft water benefits for hair

You will use a lot less shampoo and conditioner when you have a TwinTec Cobalt water softener installed in your home, a very small amount of shampoo and conditioner goes a long way. We all know when we go to areas that have naturally soft water if you use the same amount of shampoo as you do in hard water you get lather and bubbles all over the place.

When washing your hair in soft water, products such as hairspray or wax and other products are easier to washout leaving your hair softer and more manageable.

We also have customers that tell us that the hard water is making their hair fall out, when the water softener is installed their hair stops falling out.

Less time spent cleaning

More time to yourself by spending less time on cleaning! Removal of limescale using harsh chemical cleaners is costly and time consuming. Having a water softener eliminates the need for these cleaners, prevents limescale build-up and doesn’t leave any cleaning residue behind. You could save around £400 per year by cutting down on cleaning products. That’s 75% less cleaning products! It will be easier and quicker to keep your home sparkling clean and save you money too.

So showers, baths, basins, taps and toilets need so much less cleaning because if you have no limescale going through your water system, the limescale isn’t there to stick to everything. There would be 70kg of limescale consumed in an average family household every year, that’s 3 large suitcases plus hand luggage!

Longer lasting appliances

Any appliance you buy for your home is an investment. By installing a TwinTec Cobalt Water Softener, you protect that investment because soft water is much kinder on your appliances than hard. The minerals in hard water cause corrosion in the internal workings of your appliances around the home. An example of this is the inside of your kettle. Hard water causes limescale and corrosion to the heating element, ultimately resulting in replacing the kettle as the element has “furred up.” Limescale attacks the heating elements in your washing machine and dishwasher affecting their performance and shelf life. Softened water eradicates this. Your appliances are protected from abrasive minerals, working more effectively and efficiently for longer. In the long run, you save money not having to replace your appliances and costly repair bills.

Reduced heating bills

One of the main ways soft water helps you to save money in your home is by improving the efficiency of your heating systems. Over time, the build-up of hard water minerals in the pipes around your home can leave them corroded and constricted, making it difficult for water to pass through them efficiently. Having a water softener fitted will descale your pipes over time allowing water to pass through your home’s central heating system more easily. You can then reduce the amount of time your heating needs to be switched on for, saving you money.

Other appliances, like your shower, will also be more efficient, thanks to the improved efficiency of your pipes and the reduction of limescale. Because soft water doesn’t contain the minerals that hard water does, these minerals can’t build up and clog your shower head. This means shower times can be reduced, cutting costs in the bathroom too.


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