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For All Your Legionella Risk Assessment Needs - CALL US NOW FOR A FREE QUOTE


Bullseye Services can help you comply with current legislation by undertaking a legionella risk assessment at your premises.

It is a legal duty to identify and assess whether there is a risk posed by exposure to legionella from the hot and cold water systems.

Bullseye engineers undertake legionella risk assessments, cold water storage tank cleaning & other critical works such as mask disinfections on a daily basis.

Please call 01245 830 050 or fill out the form and receive a free quote to ensure you are compliant.

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Legionella Risk Assessment | CALL FOR QUOTE

Legionella Risk Assessments need to be carried out by employers, landlords and anyone that has a responsibility of the control of water systems in general. Bullseye Services highly qualified and experienced water hygiene consultants provide a comprehensive service to ensure your water systems are safe and you are fully compliant with the regulations. As well as the private sector, we also work with large companies and smaller establishments such as dental practices, offices and residential properties. Risk assessments are imperative in order to ensure you keep your building users safe. Contact us today to see how we can help you and your company. Please call 01245 830 050 or fill out our contact form and receive a free quote to ensure you are compliant

Ductwork Cleaning | CALL FOR QUOTE

Having a fresh air supply to be distributed in your workplace is key to safe, comfortable and efficient working conditions. Bullseye Services can ensure this by providing a complete duct cleaning service in accordance with TR/19. An essential factor is that the heating ventilation and air conditioning ductwork system must be kept clean. All ductwork systems can build up unwanted dust and associated debris which can cause harm to the users of the building. This can be controlled and maintained by Bullseye Services creating a cleaning programme that suits your ventilation systems.

Kitchen Grease Extract Cleaning | CALL FOR QUOTE

Cleanliness and fire safety is an essential ingredient in a well-managed kitchen. At the heart of the matter lays your kitchen grease extract system, an area for grease and oil deposits to build up within the canopy and other associated components causing a potential fire risk, in which around 70% of commercial kitchen fires, originate from faulty ventilation that has grease build-ups. Keeping canopy hoods and filters regularly cleaned as part of a kitchen cleaning regime is the easy part. But what happens to the ductwork and the fans, the part’s you can’t see?

Water Tank Cleaning | CALL FOR QUOTE

Bullseye Services are registered with the Legionella Control Association, & use the very latest methods of disinfection techniques & modern disinfection chemicals to ensure a superior level of hygiene, stripping of layers of bio-film known to harbour the legionella bacteria, whilst being safer, environmentally-friendly and better value for money. On completion of every contract, a certificate of completion will be issued. Numerous types of bacteria can be present in water, including the potentially fatal legionella. Neglected tanks are extremely high-risk areas for the spread of disease as legionella bacteria can proliferate where conditions in water systems are allowed to deteriorate.

For more information on Bullseye Services and how we can help you please visit:

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Our website and brochure combined should provide you with all the information you need however if you do require further information, there's a quick and easy contact form on our website and, of course, you are more than welcome to use the more traditional ways to contact us.

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