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Does Your Property Require Chlorination?

Neglected water tanks are extremely high-risk areas for the spread of disease, as Legionella bacteria can breed where conditions in such water systems are allowed to deteriorate. It is a requirement that they are inspected and most importantly cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to prevent sediment/sludge build-up which can act as a nutrient, helping bacterial contamination and growth. This procedure is also needed if falling into any of the following categories;

  • When Risk Assessment or inspection findings deem it necessary

  • If the water system or part of it is substantially altered or has been entered for maintenance purposes where contamination is possible.

  • During or following an outbreak or suspected outbreak of Legionellosis

  • Upon completion of works, a chlorination certificate will be issued.

Bullseye Services offer hot and cold water storage cleaning and disinfections along with closed system disinfection services in line with the HSE's guidance HSG 274 Part 2, and the BSI's PD855468:2015. Our cleaning, chlorination, disinfection and water treatment solutions help organisations achieve and maintain good standards of water hygiene, and control levels of waterborne bacteria in their water systems.

Our certification allows you as the client to prove that the disinfection was performed to the correct British Standard (PD855468/BS8558 currently) and allows you to present quality certification to your client. This in turn strengthens the relationship between yourself and your client as they appreciate you have done the best possible job and provided quality work.

If you have any internal water system water chlorination requirements please contact us and we can help.


Our website and brochure combined should provide you with all the information you need however if you do require further information, there's a quick and easy contact form on our website and, of course, you are more than welcome to use the more traditional ways to contact us.

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