Domestic Water Softeners

Bullseye Services offer Domestic Water Softeners. Softened water does not produce limescale, meaning their are no more build ups of scale around faucets and shower-heads.


Softened water also increases the effectiveness and lifespan of appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Heating bills can also be reduced due to a lack of scale build up in pipework and within your boiler.

Water softeners work by a process known as ion exchange. The hard water passes through a resin column inside a pressure vessel. The resin removes the Calcium and Magnesium ions and exchanges them for Sodium. When the resin becomes exhausted it is regenerated by drawing a brine solution through the resin which reverses the process. The unwanted Calcium and Magnesium is then flushed down the drain.


Regeneration takes around 1 hour and is repeated as often as necessary by either a time-clock at 2am or by a meter which triggers the regeneration when the resin has been exhausted. No maintenance is required from the customer other than the regular checking and replenishing of the salt level.